Robokill: Browser Game Review

Robokill – 8.2/10 

Category: Action/Arcade

Author: Rock Solid Arcade

Host: Rock Solid Arcade

Host Rating: N/A

My Rating: 8.2/10

A futuristic arcade shooter, this game is set on the space station Titan Prime, overrun by alien robotic invaders! You must navigate a complex maze of rooms to complete objectives, collecting cash and weapons along the way. There is a large selection of guns and upgrades available from the ingame shop, and wave upon wave of different enemies. There is great art and music. A real treat to play, especially considering it was last updated in 2007!

There is and iOS version here!

Graphics: 9/10 

I really love the artwork! The enemies and Titan Prime itself have an effective Sci-Fi appearance!

Concept: 8/10

A great concept! Perhaps not the most original, but the game itself is brilliant to play!

Features 8/10

This game has a large arsenal of weapons and powerups, along with a wide variety of missions and thousands of enemies! The upgrade options are minimalist, yet this works very well indeed!

Lifetime: 9/10

A lot of gameplay here!

User Friendly: 7/10

It is very easy to get the hang of, and the controls are simplistic. An enemy encyclopedia would be nice though…


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