Slender: The Eight Pages: PC Game Review

Total Score: Total Score: 44/50 88% Excellent!

Categories: Horror, Action, Adventure

Slender: The Eight Pages is a psychological horror game. You begin (and remain) in a near pitch-black forest, with only a small flashlight. Your goal is simple: Pick up eight pages (in several locations) before your flashlight battery runs out. But beware! Slenderman is out there in the trees! He gets faster and faster with every page you collect, stalking you. You need to get all eight pages before he catches you. He can’t get you when you’re looking at him. But that won’t be for very long: your flashlight battery is getting low!

A truly terrifying game: The sound effects and scary music make it even better. Try playing it on your own in a pitch-black room. Prizes for anyone who can sleep that night!



Price: Free 10/10 It can’t really get much better than free!



Design: 8/10 The design is pretty simple, but as the screen is shrouded in complete darkness most of the time, it really doesn’t matter too much. The graphics are effective, but perhaps a save game button should be added. The sound is great.


User Interface: 9/10 You don’t really need to know anything before you start playing. But at least some sort of guide to the forest layout would be nice…


Concept: 9/10 This concept is quite literally out-of-this-world! The way in which it which it has been executed is fantastic!


Lifetime: 8/10 This game really is so scary – you get a thrill every time you play it. Definitely long-lasting!


Total Score: 44/50  88% Excellent!


2 thoughts on “Slender: The Eight Pages: PC Game Review

  1. This game terrifies me every time I play. The minimalist structure, coupled with the slowly building terror, always culminates in my aimlessly sprinting around, forgetting about the pages and just trying to survive (which, of course, cannot happen, and always leads to my inevitable demise). Literally the most scary.

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