Samorost 1: Browser Game Review

Samorost 1 –  8/10 

Category: Problem Solving, Puzzle

Author and Host: Amanita Design

My Rating: 8/10

This is short game from Amanita Design, creators of world-famous Machinarium. It is a short point-and-click adventure. The goal is to help the little space gnome save his home asteroid from collision with another asteroid by solving diverse puzzles. You find yourself in a surreal world, solving leisurely puzzles that require thinking outside-the-box. Like all Amanita Games, the graphic design is revolutionary, and as always the sound FX and music are great.

Graphics: 10/10 

Great greaphic design indeed! I like the convergence of reality and artwork very much.

Concept: 10/10

How Amanita Design comes up with all these ideas I don’t know! So surreal, yet so impressive!

Features 7/10

It is all it needs to be. Other than being longer. Point-and-click games aren’t renowned for their features!

Lifetime: 4/10

Wayyyyy too little gameplay. It wasn’t designed to be a full game, but it’s just too short.

User Friendly: 9/10

Literally as simple as the controls could be. Perhaps some sort of walkthrough would be nice if you (somehow?) get stuck!



Stunning Photos of Cities Without Light Pollution

Here’s a really clever way to photograph cities!


There are many advantages to city life, from conveniences like 24-hour delis and reliable public transportation to all of the culture that’s right at our fingertips. But there’s one thing that’s sadly missing from our lives: starry skies. In Thierry Cohen’s thought-provoking series Darkened Cities, which we spotted thanks to Visual News, we get to see what various cityscapes worldwide would look like minus all of the light pollution.

The Paris-based photographer’s work is very precise; the skies that he superimposes into his photos are taken from locations that are situated on the same latitude as the original cities, and shot at the same angle. The resulting images are beautiful, but there’s something apocalyptic about them too — especially shots of New York City, which recall photos of Lower Manhattan in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Click through to see what some of the world’s brightest cities…

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Machinarium: PC Game Review

Total Score: 47/50 94% Outstanding!

Categories: Adventure, Problem-Solving, Sci-Fi

The goal of Machinarium is to solve a series of puzzles and brain teasers. This multi-award winning game has absolutely amazing hand-drawn graphics and is a real treat to play.

Machinarium is notable in that it contains no dialogue, spoken or written, and is devoid of understandable language entirely. The game instead uses a system of animated thought bubbles.

You can play the FREE demo version online here, or you can buy the full version here. There is also a $4.99 version on the App Store.

Price: $10 8/10

A very good price indeed!

Design: 10/10

Every hand-drawn background is beautiful, and the music is great! It really couldn’t be any better! Every level is designed carefully to challenge your mind and the storyline is subtle yet engaging.

User Interface: 10/10

The click-to-go controls are very simple indeed. Tips and a walkthrough book mean that no user manual is needed.

Concept: 9.5/10

Not the first of its kind, but nevertheless amazing! It has been executed ingeniously.

Lifetime: 9.5/10

There are a good few hours of gameplay here!

Total Score: 47/50 94% Outstanding!

Space Engine: PC Game Review

Total Score: 48.5/50 97% Outstanding!

Categories: Simulation, Space, Science

I can guarantee that this will be one of the most amazing pieces of software you have ever used. While technically it is a piece of scientific educational software, I felt it alright to categorise it as a game, due to its general nature.

Space Engine is a unique piece of open source software that allows you to view a detailed model of the entire known universe in real time. I am not exaggerating when I say that nearly every planet, star and galaxy know to mankind is on here, along with orbits and trajectories. Did I mention that you can choose the date and time? Or travel at thousands of times the speed of light to another galaxy?

But best of all, it’s free!

Price: Free 10/10

A brilliant price for something almost NASA quality!

Design: 10/10

The design is amazing, with brilliant attention to detail packed into one piece of software. Graphics are high quality, with numerous settings available to tweak the appearance.

User Interface: 9/10

There is a user guide on their website, but there isn’t one included in the download. Nor is there a tutorial. I think that this is important for such an immensely complicated program, but not essential.

Concept: 10/10

This concept is quite literally out-of-this-world! The way in which it which it has been executed is fantasic!

Lifetime: 9.5/10

With literally an entire universe to explore, it is difficult to become bored of Space Engine. Explore the various different features and even construct your own universe!

Total Score: 48.5/50 97% Outstanding!