5 Halloween Games You Should Play





Outlast – I don’t get scared too easily by most video games. Unlike movies, where I can’t control what happens on the screen, games tend to let me feel like I can get out of any situation. The exceptions are games like Outlast, which don’t give you a way to fight — only run and hide. You will be legitimately unsettled while sneaking around a decrepit psych ward, looking through the lens of a video camera! This is perhaps one of the scariest games you could play! Google it for some terrifying screenshots…


Alan WakeA “darkness” is taking over humans, animals and objects. These enemies, dubbed the “Taken”, are murderous shadows that attack Wake, wielding weapons of their own, ranging from mallets and knives to shovels and chainsaws. The Taken are protected by a shield of darkness, initially rendering them impervious to attack; they can only be injured with a firearm after exposure to light, which burns the darkness away. Truly terrifying.


Resident Evil 4 – The story of Resident Evil 4 follows the U.S. government special agent Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the U.S. President’s daughter, who has been kidnapped by a sinister cult. Traveling to a remote rural area of Europe, Leon fights hordes of violent villagers and mutated monsters. (Interestingly, this game pioneered and popularized the “over the shoulder”third-person view perspective in video games).




Slender: The Eight Pages – Is well known as one of the scariest games ever conceived! You must collect eight pages in a forest. But beware, Slenderman is after you! He gets faster and faster… There is no escape!



Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – The first Amnesia game, The Dark Descent, is one of the scariest games out there, and one that’s easy to recommend every Halloween. Its new sequel, A Machine for Pigs, is a bit less scary but still very creepy, and is a great game to play with the lights out. It’s another game in which you have no way of fighting the things that go bump in the night, so it’s easier to fear for your life.




There are many, many more! Tell me about your favorite Halloween game in the comments!




Why PCs are Better for Gaming than Consoles

There has been a long running debate as to what the best gaming platform is. To me, the answer is simple: PCs. Why? Well…

Mouse and Keyboard:

Although some might say that dual analogue sticks are the best, I think that nothing can beat the accuracy brought by a mouse (and not just in shooters!). With a gaming mouse, you practically have the full control of a whole Xbox controller in just one hand! Multiplayer chat, cheat codes, commands and general navigation are so much easier with a keyboard, too! Yes, you can get a keyboard for consoles, but you have to put down the controller, whereas you can use a mouse with one hand on a PC.

Display Quality:

Most console manufacturers advertise “HD quality”. Even then, a lot of games just aren’t that high definition. And TV screens tend to not be brilliant quality. PCs, however, have been happily running games at 1080p and above for ages. You can get amazingly detailed monitors.


A well maintained PC can boot in ten seconds. Not so much can be said for consoles. Also, the RAM on consoles tends to be considerably lower than on a PC. An Xbox 360 has a 512mb RAM limit. My mid-range laptop has 6144mb!

Free Mods:

All games need files. Only PC games, however, have files that are easily accessible. This means that you can install mods (modifications) easily. And for free. PC users have been coding mods pretty much forever, and distributing them completely for free! I’d like to see you try to access “Program Files” on your Wii!

No Hardware Limits:

If an Xbox needs a better processor, what do you do? You can either upgrade to a better Xbox, or you can rip it up and add a new processor yourself. Not cheap or easy. If a PC needs more HDD space, a better processor, a better graphics card, or even a better OS, you can get hold of them cheaply. A PC has potentially unlimited RAM and Hard Drive storage.

Cheaper Games:

Games for consoles are always much more expensive than their PC equivalents. Why? To get more money off you. PCs, however, come with cheaper games available. And there are millions of free games available to play online or download. You can even Torrent games for PC if you really want to (I never told you anything…).


You can access thousands of old and outdated computer games completely for free online. Console games, however, are unavailable after they are stopped being produced.

Online Freedom:

You aren’t tied to one (often paid) online service on a PC: You will be much less affected by server failures, and you have a wide range of browsers to choose from.


As well as gaming, you can do so much more on a PC than on a PS3. I don’t need to elaborate.