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Improve iOS 7’s Battery Life

An investigation by Ars Technica  has discovered that iOS 7 kills battery life faster than iOS 6.1 on every device you can use it on.


Here are a few tips on how to preserve that precious battery life:


1. Change Your Spotlight Settings


With iOS 7, you can now search for anything on your iPhone using Spotlight. All you have to do is pull down on your Home screen and you can search everything.

ios 7 battery life

It’s convenient, but it also takes a lot of battery power to index it all. You can change exactly what Spotlight looks in when you use it for search by going to Settings, General then Spotlight search. Remove what you don’t need.


2. Turn Off AirDrop 


iOS 7 now allows you to quickly and easily share files with your friends’ iPhones. This is only available for iPhone 5, 5C and 5S. It’s a great new feature, but it doesn’t need to be on when you’re not using it. To turn it off, go to your control center by pushing up from the bottom of any screen. From there you can disable AirDrop until you want to use it.


3. Turn Your Brightness Down


This is a classic way to save battery, and it’s been made even easier. Instead of going through Settings to get to your brightness, you can change your screen’s brightness from the Control Center.

ios 7 battery life


4. Turn Off Parallax


This is the aspect of iOS 7 that makes everything look a little bit 3D and makes your background move around behind your apps. It also drains your battery. To turn it off, go to Settings, General, then Accessibility, then Reduce Motion. Turn Reduce Motion on to stop the parallax effect.


5. Turn Off Bluetooth And WiFi

This is another old one, but it’s really handy. Just disable them in Control Center when not in use.


6. Disable Auto Downloads


Your iPhone now downloads app updates from the App Store automatically, draining your battery. This feature also automatically downloads purchases from iTunes and the App Store you’ve made on different devices to your iPhone, which you may not want. To stop this and just update your apps and music manually, go to Settings, iTunes & App Store, and scroll to Automatic Downloads. There you can turn Automatic Downloads off for music, apps and books.


7. Turn Off Frequent Locations


Your iPhone wants to learn the places you often visit to give you “provide useful location-related information.” This is takes up a lot of battery and is unnecessary and invades your privacy. To disable it go to Settings, Privacy, then Location Services. There, scroll all the way to the bottom and hit System Services. There you can also turn off Location Based iAds (ads from Apple based on your frequent locations). Then go to Frequent Locations and turn that off, too.



ios 7 battery life


8. Turn off Siri

Unless you’re using Siri regularly, you’re better off disabling her to save battery. To do so, go to Settings, General then Siri. Tap Siri and you can turn her off.


9. Don’t Use A Moving Background

The new moving backgrounds that iOS 7 offers are super cool, but they will kill your battery. Use one of the static backgrounds or just your own photo.

Make Your PC Speak!

Here’s a little text-to-audio converter I’ve fiddled with! Just enter your text, and your PC will say it out loud!

Simply open notepad and save the following as a .vbs

Dim msg, sapi
msg=InputBox(“Enter your text for conversion:”,”o99 Tech Text-To-Audio Converter”)
Set sapi=CreateObject (“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak msg