Samorost 2: PC Game Review

Total Score: 43/50 86% Excellent!

Categories: Point-and-Click, Puzzle, Problem-Solving

As a follow up to my review of Samorost 1, I decided to give the sequel a go! The graphics and sound are brilliant (as per all Amanita Design games) and the storyline was good.

You play the role of a “space gnome” whose dog has been abducted by aliens. You must rescue the dog by travelling to a far away planet. Once you have him, you must return, having several problems on the way!

You can play it online here, but that only lets you play the first 4 levels. To play the remaining 3, and to download the game, you need to buy it.

Price: Free OR $5.00 8.5/10

You can play the majority of the game (which is a fair amount) for free, but you have to pay a small amount for the last three chapters.

Design: 9.5/10

Amanita Design. High scores for the graphics as usual. This game also allows you to start from different levels, eliminating the need for a save button. The sounds, as usual also, are great!

User Interface: 9/10

Simple to use. Really simple.

Concept: 9/10

Great concept and execution! I can’t really give it full marks, as there have already been several games of this genre made.

Lifetime: 7/10

Once you’ve played it a few times, you can’t really play it again. But it’s really good fun while it lasts!

Total Score: 43/50 86% Excellent!



Machinarium: PC Game Review

Total Score: 47/50 94% Outstanding!

Categories: Adventure, Problem-Solving, Sci-Fi

The goal of Machinarium is to solve a series of puzzles and brain teasers. This multi-award winning game has absolutely amazing hand-drawn graphics and is a real treat to play.

Machinarium is notable in that it contains no dialogue, spoken or written, and is devoid of understandable language entirely. The game instead uses a system of animated thought bubbles.

You can play the FREE demo version online here, or you can buy the full version here. There is also a $4.99 version on the App Store.

Price: $10 8/10

A very good price indeed!

Design: 10/10

Every hand-drawn background is beautiful, and the music is great! It really couldn’t be any better! Every level is designed carefully to challenge your mind and the storyline is subtle yet engaging.

User Interface: 10/10

The click-to-go controls are very simple indeed. Tips and a walkthrough book mean that no user manual is needed.

Concept: 9.5/10

Not the first of its kind, but nevertheless amazing! It has been executed ingeniously.

Lifetime: 9.5/10

There are a good few hours of gameplay here!

Total Score: 47/50 94% Outstanding!

Jetpack Joyride: App Review

Total Score: 45/50 90% Outstanding!

You can download this for free from the App Store and the Windows Store!

This game is a fast paced sideways arcade infinirunner. You have to pilot a bloke with a stolen jetpack through as many miles of underground bunkers as you can before he is killed by a random obstacle. Surreal yet appealing, this game has a huge arsenal of upgrades in the in-game shop to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Price: Free! 10/10

You can’t get much better than free! On top of this, there aren’t any money-only unlockable gadgets or jetpacks!

Design: 8/10

The graphics are really nice, if a bit cheesy. I love the menu design (sliding panels etc.). The music gets hideously annoying (apart from the bit at the beginning).

User Interface: 7/10

There is no tutorial level or user guide. While the game is pretty easy to pick up, this still ruins it a bit.

Concept: 7/10

It’s a good idea, but certainly isn’t the first Copter-style game out there.

Lifetime: 8/10

This quite literally goes of for ever, especially considering how many things there are to buy. It gets dull after a while.

Ads and Promotions: None +3

In-app Purchases: Coins + Duplicate Machine +2

Total Score: 45/50 90% Outstanding!

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Space Engine: PC Game Review

Total Score: 48.5/50 97% Outstanding!

Categories: Simulation, Space, Science

I can guarantee that this will be one of the most amazing pieces of software you have ever used. While technically it is a piece of scientific educational software, I felt it alright to categorise it as a game, due to its general nature.

Space Engine is a unique piece of open source software that allows you to view a detailed model of the entire known universe in real time. I am not exaggerating when I say that nearly every planet, star and galaxy know to mankind is on here, along with orbits and trajectories. Did I mention that you can choose the date and time? Or travel at thousands of times the speed of light to another galaxy?

But best of all, it’s free!

Price: Free 10/10

A brilliant price for something almost NASA quality!

Design: 10/10

The design is amazing, with brilliant attention to detail packed into one piece of software. Graphics are high quality, with numerous settings available to tweak the appearance.

User Interface: 9/10

There is a user guide on their website, but there isn’t one included in the download. Nor is there a tutorial. I think that this is important for such an immensely complicated program, but not essential.

Concept: 10/10

This concept is quite literally out-of-this-world! The way in which it which it has been executed is fantasic!

Lifetime: 9.5/10

With literally an entire universe to explore, it is difficult to become bored of Space Engine. Explore the various different features and even construct your own universe!

Total Score: 48.5/50 97% Outstanding!


Fruit Ninja: App Review

Total Score: 45/50 90% Outstanding!

Fruit Ninja is a surreal action game created by Halfbrick Studios.

This game’s sleek design and colourful graphics make it very entertaining to play! The concept is simple to master: Simply slash fruit in half to gain points! There are three different modes: Classic, Zen and Arcade, which offer different play styles. You can get extra points from performing combos, getting special bananas, or hitting random criticals.

There is a selection of unlockable (or buyable) blades and backgrounds, and you can purchase bonuses using starfruit, which is the ingame currency.

Price: £0.69  7/10

This is a reasonable price for such an app, but of course free would be better!

Design: 9/10

The music and sound effects are brilliant, the visual effect are very aesthetic and the game overall is great! Menus are polished and the in-game store works well.

User Interface: 8/10

This app is not complicated and it is very simple to use. There is no tutorial, however, and the shop system could be confusing for beginners.

Concept: 9/10

A really clever idea! Just a shame they decided bombs take away all three lives…

Lifetime: 8/10

This game can effectively go on forever, but would get dull because there are not enough achievements.

Ads and Promotions: None +3

In-app Purchases: Starfruit +1

These are optional, and can help some people

Total Score: 45/50 90% Outstanding!

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Steambirds Survival: App Review

Total Score: 40/50 80% Excellent!

Steambirds Survival is an wartime strategy game created by Spry Fox, LLC.

It lands you in control of one or more fighter planes, with the task of surviving for as long as possible. Hopelessly outnumbered, you must down enemy planes and airships to collect powerups. These range from speed boosts to missiles, bombs and reinforcements! There is a campaign for each of the eleven cities.

This is basically a new version of Steambirds, with a new style of play. They are made by different app developers.

It has a smooth design and good music. You can play it online here at Armor Games.

Price: Free  10/10

This is great, but there are ads and upgrades offers which take marks off later.

Design: 9/10

The graphics are really nice – so is the music. The menus are polished and the game itself is great!

User Interface: 8/10

Everything is simple to use. There is no help section, and a guide to powerups and planes would be good.

Concept: 9/10

The game is a brilliant idea. It is fun to play and easy to use!

Lifetime: 8/10

The final level in each city is simply to survive for as long as possible, so in theory there is an unlimited lifetime, but the game does get dull after too long. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Ads and Promotions: Annoying ads unless you upgrade -2

In-app Purchases: “Unlock all cities (OK – I suppose) and remove ads” (not so good) -2

Total Score: 40/50 80% Excellent!

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