Samorost 1: Browser Game Review

Samorost 1 –  8/10 

Category: Problem Solving, Puzzle

Author and Host: Amanita Design

My Rating: 8/10

This is short game from Amanita Design, creators of world-famous Machinarium. It is a short point-and-click adventure. The goal is to help the little space gnome save his home asteroid from collision with another asteroid by solving diverse puzzles. You find yourself in a surreal world, solving leisurely puzzles that require thinking outside-the-box. Like all Amanita Games, the graphic design is revolutionary, and as always the sound FX and music are great.

Graphics: 10/10 

Great greaphic design indeed! I like the convergence of reality and artwork very much.

Concept: 10/10

How Amanita Design comes up with all these ideas I don’t know! So surreal, yet so impressive!

Features 7/10

It is all it needs to be. Other than being longer. Point-and-click games aren’t renowned for their features!

Lifetime: 4/10

Wayyyyy too little gameplay. It wasn’t designed to be a full game, but it’s just too short.

User Friendly: 9/10

Literally as simple as the controls could be. Perhaps some sort of walkthrough would be nice if you (somehow?) get stuck!



Robokill: Browser Game Review

Robokill – 8.2/10 

Category: Action/Arcade

Author: Rock Solid Arcade

Host: Rock Solid Arcade

Host Rating: N/A

My Rating: 8.2/10

A futuristic arcade shooter, this game is set on the space station Titan Prime, overrun by alien robotic invaders! You must navigate a complex maze of rooms to complete objectives, collecting cash and weapons along the way. There is a large selection of guns and upgrades available from the ingame shop, and wave upon wave of different enemies. There is great art and music. A real treat to play, especially considering it was last updated in 2007!

There is and iOS version here!

Graphics: 9/10 

I really love the artwork! The enemies and Titan Prime itself have an effective Sci-Fi appearance!

Concept: 8/10

A great concept! Perhaps not the most original, but the game itself is brilliant to play!

Features 8/10

This game has a large arsenal of weapons and powerups, along with a wide variety of missions and thousands of enemies! The upgrade options are minimalist, yet this works very well indeed!

Lifetime: 9/10

A lot of gameplay here!

User Friendly: 7/10

It is very easy to get the hang of, and the controls are simplistic. An enemy encyclopedia would be nice though…

Symbiosis – Greenland: Browser Game Review

We thought that we destroyed crystals last time. But one of them hid on the lands of Greenland. And the only hope is to use the power of plants against the space invaders again!

Symbiosis – Greenland – 7.2/10 

Category: Strategy

Author: jarofed

Host: Armor Games

Host Rating: 8.1/10

My Rating: 7.2/10

This game is a cross between a tower defence game and a war strategy game. As your “army” consists of plants, once they are planted they cannot move. It is certainly an interesting concept! It is a good game – there aren’t any immediate faults that jump out at you. It has decent graphics, it’s a good idea, there’s a tutorial. However, it just gets a bit samey. There is a limited set of features, the levels lack variety, and it becomes boring after half an hour at most.

Graphics: 7/10

Concept: 8/10

Features 6/10

Lifetime: 6/10

User Friendly: 9/10



This is my first browser game review, so let me know if the format works in the comment section! Thanks.